Canyoning in Madeira

Experience Canyoning in Madeira

Services included with us:
Welcome drink
5 mm Vade retro wetsuit with hood
Neoprene socks and, if necessary, neoprene gloves
Mountain sports helmet according to the latest CE standard
Canyoning harness with double lanyard
Canyoning backpack and waterproof box
English speaking CIC Canyon Guide with 20 years of experience
Instruction in material and technics in German, English, French
Transfer to the gorge and back

Canyoning in Madeira, Portugal is an absolutely fascinating experience between rock and water and suitable for young and old!
We have a wide portfolio of gorges and will find the right canyoning tour for every skill level. Some of the tours are only fifteen minutes away from our active base in Calheta, most of the gorges can be found on the north side of Madeira in and around Seixal and Porto Moniz. But the island also has various canyons in Santana or Funchal.
As your english speeking canyoning guide, I choose the right tour depending on the participants' previous knowledge, I organize the entire day, we start with a small welcome drink. The distribution and instruction of materials are a first step into this great sport, after which you drive to the canyon together and the ascent begins, which takes between five and sixty minutes. We get dressed and an extensive briefing on the necessary techniques follows.
Then our unforgettable activity begins: we follow the flowing water along numerous obstacles that we overcome with various tactics. We jump, slide, swim and rappel down high waterfalls, all between vertical cliffs. The heart beats faster, the nature is fantastically beautiful and the action and the rushing water ensure a pleasant adrenaline rush.
I, Michael, am your German, English and French speaking CIC guide. Benefit from my more than twenty years of experience as a German CIC canyoning guide.

What is canyoning?

During canyoning we climb a water-bearing gorge in the direction of the water flow, i.e. from top to bottom. We overcome natural obstacles such as small and large waterfalls, swim through crystal clear natural pools and move in impassable terrain.
We move by walking and climbing, higher drops are rappeled, some offer the opportunity for exciting jumps and slides.
You experience and feel nature and its elements water and earth in a very special way, no other path leads you so deep into the gorges of Madeira. In constant change you experience the crackling water on your helmet and marvel at this incredible piece of earth.

Canyoning abseilen


The ropes are attached to specially provided anchoring points with special knots, then you tie yourself into the rope under my guidance and slowly sit down in the harness. After you have loosened your lanyard, slowly run the rope through the figure eight and your descent begins. You cross the water and the adrenaline rushes through your veins.

Canyoning Springen


If the waterfalls are only a few meters high and the pools below are deep enough, there are great opportunities for exciting jumps. The short flight between the rock faces and the immersion in the turquoise-green water have an intense stimulus, which for many participants represents the ultimate in canyoning. Of course, there is always the possibility to abseil.

Canyoning Schwimmen


Another essential element full of fascination is swimming in crystal clear water that flows in long, deep pools through narrow corridors. The eye is just as caressed as the heart when you are so close to the element of water. Canyoning is a sport full of intense nature experiences in an unforgettable landscape and is extremely addictive. It combines relaxation and action.

Well known canyons

We offer the following canyons in Madeira, we are happy to visit all other canyons with you on request. Book your tour online now with instant confirmation.

Canyoning Voltas


The Voltas Gorge is a perfect canyoning tour if you want to get to know to this sport without any prior knowledge. It is also suitable for very young guests and families.
Canyoning Cales

Cales, Funchal

The Ribeira des Cales is located near Funchal and has several sections. Especially the first part is done a lot by guided groups and is therefore often full. We try to find our gap.
Canyoning Lajeado

Lajeado I

The Lajeado on the Paul da Serra plateau near Calheta can be descended in several sections. The first part is aimed at beginners who are enthusiastic about jumping.
Canyoning Folhado


The Folhado Gorge offers concentrated abseiling fun and is located in the mountain basin above Seixal. The steep ascent along the wooden stairs is definitely worth it.
Canyoning Agua Negra inferior

Agua Negra inferior

The approach leads along Levada 25 Fontes, initially the canyon is mostly dry, but the middle part is a real gorge with many water basins. The return path is only known by locals.
Canyoning Camisa


The Camisa canyoning tour offers abseilings up to thirty meters in height. It is located above Ponta Delgada in a dark valley. Perfect if you already have previous knowledge.
Canyoning Sebastiao Vaz

Sebastiao Vaz, Santana

Something for collectors, unfortunately thorns in the first section. A great first waterfall and a beautiful middle section are waiting for committed participants.
Canyoning Frio


Usually dry in summer, but incredibly beautiful in winter. Short paths and many medium-high abseiling points. A must! The highlight is a 45 meter abseil which is not obligate.
Canyoning Seixal


Besides the Canyon Hortela the most beautiful tour in the Seixal Valley. Dark rock walls full of plants, the highest waterfall is forty meters. There is a powerful shower here.
Canyoning Ribeira da Pedra Branca

Pedra Branca

Entry via a thirty meter abseil, then directly fifty meters deep into the gorge. After many abseiling points, the canyon ends with a thirty meter waterfall by the sea.
Canyoning Passo inferior

Passo inferior

The Passo Inferior gorge is a highlight above Sao Vicente. We especially liked the fifty meter waterfall. The approach is via a magical levada. Including great light reflections
Canyoning Ribeira Funda


Canyoning in the Ribeira Funda is something for experts, the second waterfall is fifty meters high. It leads into a deep and dark gorge that promises exciting experiences.
Canyoning Agua Alto

Agua Alto

The well-known Agua Alto waterfall is right next to the road and includes a difficult, exposed approach and a ninety meter high abseil. The perfect adventure for an afternoon.
Ribeira Campanario

Ribeira Campanario

This high waterfall lies above the legendary Calhau da Lapa. A tour for the wet season with the most spectacular abseiling point in Madeira. Better don't go if you suffer from fear of heights.
Canyoning Ribeira Vimieiro


The Vimieiro Gorge offers several abseils that can only be overcome after a rope railing and with intermediate stands. Reserved for experienced canyonists.
Canyoning Lajeado II

Lajeado II

First, you can expect excessive, voluntary jumping pleasure and finally a spectacular eighty meter waterfall with intermediate belay station. It pours into the Lagoa da Vento.
Canyoning Lajeado, Risco Wasserfall

Lajeado Integral

If there is water, definitely he best tour of Madeira. First a lot of great jumps and then we abseil down the two Risco waterfalls, which are up to 120 meters high. Amazed hikers will watch us.

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