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Five Canyoning tours ⎮ Accomodation ⎮ Full board

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Holiday Advanced

Five demanding Canyoning tours ⎮ Spectacular gorges ⎮ Accomodation ⎮ Full board

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Canyoning course Level 1

Setting up of anchor points ⎮ Rope reilings ⎮ Walking training ⎮ Communication

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Course Level 2

Rescue Techniques ⎮ Ascent on the rope ⎮ Pulley systems ⎮ Complex rappeling systems

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Welcome to your experience in Portugal

Experience Canyoning in Madeira, penetrate the deep gorges of the island with Casa Vento, abseil down tingling waterfalls, swim in clear natural pools and jump or slide in circular pools.
In addition to canyoning day tours of various levels of difficulty, our offer in Madeira also includes a complete canyoning holiday for beginners or advanced. The Non Plus Ultra is a canyoning course in which you learn to descend canyons on your own. In any case, we promise you a personal, all-encompassing service, we offer accommodation, meals and the airport transfer to our base Casa Vento in Arco da Calheta.
In this idyllic town on the south side of Madeira we live with a great sea view. This is where our activities start and here we offer you our cozy single or double room, which consists of a bedroom and a living room as well as a guest bathroom. For larger groups or families, we reserve a holiday home or apartment with one of our contractual partners in the immediate vicinity. You can enjoy a delicious breakfast on our sunny terrace or enjoy a barbecue evening at sunset.
You can put together all of our services individually for your dream trip.
Take a look around our homepage and convince yourself of our extensive range that will make your stay something very special:
CASA VENTO MADEIRA - a breath of fresh air for your vacation with us on the flower island!

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Canyoning in Madeira

Canyoning Madeira

When canyoning you are closer to nature than ever. Climbing a narrow, water-bearing gorge is an unforgettable experience. We follow the flowing water and overcome small and large waterfalls. Small steps can be jumped or slided, sometimes climbing is also possible. Higher waterfalls are abseiled and deep, clear water pools are swum through.
On our way spiced by action and activity, we make unique and unforgettable discoveries.
I will teach you all the necessary techniques and knowledge during the tour.
Go with a canyoning professional!

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Countless gorges full of sparkling waterfalls are hidden in the mountains of the island, around seventy canyons have already been developed for canyoning and the number is constantly rising. No matter whether you are a beginner or an advanced canyoneer, Casa Vento will find the right canyon.
We have developed the canyoning holiday for lovers of this great sport. They offer a full week's vacation including five different canyoning tours with different characters.
Of course, the vacation package includes accommodation, meals and airport transfers.

All about our Canyoning Holiday
Canyoningurlaub Fortgeschritten

Holiday advanced

Our advanced canyoning holiday is the right choice if you have already gained a few tours or if you are very fit with rope due to other sporting activities and if you are not afraid of water or altitude.
With advanced guests, we climb more demanding gorges, the abseiling points are higher and the amount of water larger. In addition, the duration of the tour is extended and a greater degree of independence in the basic techniques is necessary.
The canyoning holiday for advanced guests also includes accommodation, meals and airport transfers.

Canyoning Holiday Advanced
Canyoningkurs Level 1

Course Level 1

For guests who want more than a simple vacation, we offer special courses in our canyoning school. The level 1 canyoning course provides the basic knowledge for self-organized canyon descents with friends in easy canyons.
In theoretical and practical teaching units, you will learn how to set up stands, how to communicate and how to handle materials. We learn how to prepare and conduct a tour.
I have been a canyoning professional for twenty years and I am happy to share all this knowledge with you.

Canyoning Course Level 1
Canyoningkurs Level 2

Level 2

The advanced course level 2 is aimed at graduates of the level 1 course. The syllabus includes the necessary techniques for demanding canyons: complex abseiling situations, ascent on the rope, guided abseiling as well as the organization of high-level tours and important rescue techniques.
As always, we commit five canyons a week, so that you get to know the most exciting gorges in Madeira, long waterfalls and a unique landscape await you.
Including accommodation, meals and much more.
After taking part, you will have access to several thousand tours all over Europe!

Course Level 2