Canyoningschule in Madeira

Our Canyoningschool in Madeira

Services included with us:
Transfer from and to the airport
Transfer to the respective canyons
Accommodation in a holiday home, apartment or on the campsite
Full board: breakfast, packed lunch, dinner
Five canyoning tours in different gorges
One day of rope training
Practical and theoretical units accompanying the course
Free canyoning rental equipment
All services from a single source

Course content canyoning course level 1:
Material science
Movement in unpaved terrain, falling school
Various techniques of abseiling, stopping the descent
Set up abseiling stations, access through rope railings
Lowering of participants
Rope connection knots
Various miscellaneous knots
Organization and planning of tours

Our canyoningschool in Madeira offers you the opportunity to upgrade a regular canyoning holiday to a level 1 course. You will learn to climb simple gorges without a guide within a week. The basis for your canyoningcourse is the professional training for canyoning guides of the Commission Internationale de Canyon (CIC). Rely on high-quality training in the relevant techniques and learn the basic knowledge of this fascinating sport.
Participation in our canyoning training does not, of course, entitle commercial guiding of groups; it is aimed at canyoning enthusiasts who want to outgrow the pure consumer role. In addition, after the training, challenging, guided gorges will be open to you afterwards.
In just one week, in a real canyoning environment, I will teach you the necessary knowledge such as material handling, different abseiling techniques, installation of stands and much more. On request, I will provide you with all the necessary material free of charge. As your trainer, I am on site around the clock and share the table with you during meals. You will not miss any important information and your questions will be answered immediately.
In addition to the course content, the offer includes your accommodation: holiday home, apartment, single or double room or simply camping in a tent. The catering is complete with a morning breakfast, a daily packed lunch and a delicious dinner or barbecue evening. We also organize the transfer from the airport and to the individual gorges.
So you can fully concentrate on your hobby.
As a treat and for your memories, simply book the picture DVD of your personal week.
Welcome to our canyoning school in Madeira!

Your advantages of the level 1 canyoningcourse

Within seven days you will learn to descend a canyon independently. I will teach you all the important knowledge and techniques using the latest learning methods. Short practical units initiate immediate application in a real canyoning environment. There the newly learned is immediately deepened.
The course is structured in stages: The basis consists of simple knots and basic techniques, these are used and refined on all subsequent days in order to be used again elsewhere. In this way, the basic knowledge solidified itself within the week and we work out other subtleties in short training units, either on the active base or on a climbing rock, for example. Upon request, I am available for repetitions and fine-tuning after the tours.
Short, concise theory blocks round off the practical rope work, you will learn, among other things, the characteristics of the material or we will deal with the weather.
At the end I will award you the title Canyon BegeherIn Level 1.
Our cook Sibel takes care of your physical well-being with nutritious and, above all, tasty meals, so that you can concentrate fully on learning. The accommodation is of course part of the "Canyoning Course" travel package - everything is taken care of for your vacation.

Canyoningkurs Unterkunft


Choose your accommodation from our wide range: rooms, apartments, a complete holiday home or you can camp on our own campsite.

Canyoningkurs Verpflegung


Sibel will delight you with full board, a sunny breakfast, a full packed lunch and dinner, as well as a beer after work.

Canyoningkurs Level 1 Aktivitäten

Canyoningcourse L 1

During the course we will commit to five different canyons in Madeira and use one day for rope exercises. Individual theoretical units complete the package.

Your canyoning tours

Of course, we choose our canyons depending on the prevailing water levels and the weather conditions.
The canyons mentioned here should serve as a guide. Madeira is full of unforgettable tours that I choose to match the learning steps ahead.

Canyoning Voltas


The Ribeira des Voltas is an easy tour with many short rappelling points. Here we practice walking and moving beyond tracks and train abseiling with various techniques and ropes.
Canyoning Folhado


This canyon is characterized by higher abseilings and more water flow. We deepen what we learned yesterday and familiarize ourselves with belaying from below and stopping the descent.
Canyoning Camisa


Lowering other participants, setting up rope railings and connecting two ropes is on our curriculum on the third day. Look forward to a great tour near Ponta Delgada in the north.
Canyoning Seixal


In the canyon you set up the abseiling stations on anchors or trees, and we deepen what we have learned so far. Material science and the weather await as theoretical blocks
Canyoning Ausbildung im Funda


On the last day, you will be fit enough to conquer the canyon yourself. I am there as a silent observer, correct a few steps here and there and intervene when the situation becomes dangerous.

There is also a level 2 course

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